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  • Promoting a Safety Culture

  • High Ethical Standards

  • Building Relationships

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Building Skills and Capacity

At Falcon Isle Resources, we strongly believe in corporate responsibility to our employees, the community and the environment at large. 



Falcon Isle Resources' committment to ensuring the safety and health of all involved on the mine site remains our top priority.  

Although the construction period is not started, we all work together to ensure proper health and safety practices. We are in the process of drafting our Falcon Isle Rescources Health and Safety Work Policy. At this time, we are ensuring that all exploration activities and other activities meet current standards and regulations. The Company strongly believes that by putting people first, we help develop our employees and expose them to opportunities in a safe and valued environment.



Falcon Isle Resources maintains an over-arching framework to preserve the health and protect the safety of all workers by incorprating four pillars:


              1. Leadership Accountability

              2. Assessing and Managing Risk

              3. Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Workplace

              4. Open and Transparent Communication


As a team, we are able to accomplish these provisions by setting expectations, develop our policy and set goals and standards for continual improvement. Falcon Isle Resource will set out to foster a culture of reporting and responsiveness to ensure any workplace issues and incidents are acknowledged and addressed. With these implementations, we hold our employees accountable for upholding the health and saftey regulations, and provide guidance and assurance from all management. 

Falcon Isle Resources and its employees understand that customer satisfaction and profitability are important, but they’re only part of the equation. It is the company's policy and priority to pay due regard to the health and safety of the environment. . We understand  the importance of ensuring our development apply to the principles of sustainability. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and will continue to work together towards improvement of reclamation, air-quality and bio-diversity.We will use quality procedures and ensure that, when utilizing the resources and environment, we will not jeoprodize the livelihood of future generations.


At Falcon Isle Resources we pride ourselves on being skilled, responsible operators who strive to not only meet, but to exceed environment regulations. We will continue to establish high standards of performance by complying with applicable laws and regulations. We vow to protect air quality by minimizing consumption of water and energy, and to protect natural habitats. We hold ourselves accountable for our performance and will routinely monitor it by holding leadership responsible to acheiving environmental stewardship and continued compliance. 


Falcon Isle Resources will engage our stakeholders by collaborating to define environment priorities and to contribute to the development of responsible laws ad regulations.













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