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Our Source and Process

Our PhosAgri products are directly produced from the Diamond Creek mine located in Utah, USA. Diamond Creek is one of the highest-grade organic phosphate deposits in the US and is a fully integrated mine to market operation with in-house crushing, milling, screening, packaging and distribution infrastructure facilities. 

Our Source

The Diamond Creek Mine  contains a high-grade phosphate ore body with historical production, significant ore grades, and excellent metallurgy. Confirmed laboratory test results show Total Phosphate averages above 23% P205 and an Available Phosphate level of 12% P205. 


The Diamond Creek Phosphate Mine has a long history of phosphate mining exploration and development, going back to as early as 1937 and then into full Environmentally Approved mining operations again in 1980.  The Diamond Creek Phosphate Mine sat idle until Falcon Isle Resources spent 5 years receiving updated Environmental Approval, providing extensive laboratory testing, and obtaining Organic Certification by OMRI, WSDA, and CDFA.  Falcon Isle's PhosAgri is the highest grade organically certified phosphate in all of North America. 


We are proud to be an environmentally friendly phosphate fertilizer source for the organic food sector.

Our Process

The mining process at Diamond Creek is typical drill & blast, with ore loaded & hauled to our laydown area at the foot of the mountain where primary crushing is carried out through a mobile jaw crusher. Crushed ore is then trucked to our milling facility in Spanish Fork for downstream sizing, packaging and despatch to customers.

With our in-house processing plant, we can adapt our premium, higher-grade phosphate resources to deliver customised products for the specific needs of local soil, climate, and crops with the ultimate aim of generating higher crop yields for our customers.

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