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Falcon Isle Resources, Inc. is engaged in the development and processing of organic phosphate mineral resources for the organic fertilizer market in order to help meet the world’s rising global food demand. We accomplish these objectives through our commitment to increase sustainable agricultural productivity while maintaining and exceeding social and environmental responsibilities. Falcon Isle Resources, as an organic fertilizer manufacturer, is dedicated to the state of the organic phosphate and fertilizer industry and the multiple opportunities presented as we judiciously develop these natural resources to drive sustainable and profitable growth 


PhosAgri is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), allowing it to be used by certified organic producers. PhosAgri is also registered as an organic input material with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CFDA) and the Washinton State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). 






With an average total Phosphate content of over 23% P₂O₅ and a Guaranteed Available Phosphate of 12% P₂O₅, Falcon Isle - PhosAgri provides the highest amount of phosphorus of any US-sourced organic rock phosphate in all of North America.

When you choose PhosAgri, you receive more phosphorus in less volume, allowing for easier handling and faster application. Our Utah location allows for easy distribution across the US and Canada.


Low Heavy Metals

Some rock phosphate sources contain dangerous levels of heavy metals, that are harmful to both human and environmental health.

Rigorous laboratory testing has shown that PhosAgri contains low levels of heavy metals, which has allowed Falcon Isle-PhosAgri to be approved for organic production by OMRI, WSDA, and CDFA.

When you use PhosAgri, you can be assured that you are applying the highest quality organic plant nutrients available.


Beneficial Nutrients

Providing More Than Phosphorus

Along with providing phosphorus, PhosAgri also supplies a variety of other essential nutrients including calcium, iron, magnesium, silicon, and sodium.  By applying these often overlooked trace minerals, you help balance the soil and increase plant health.



With over 30% calcium oxide (CaO), PhosAgri is a great source of calcium. This mineral is essential for the formation of cell walls and cell membranes. Without enough calcium, plants exhibit weak stems and roots as well as distorted new growth


Minor Minerals

PhosAgri contains a number of important secondary and trace minerals.


Magnesium is an essential part of chlorophyll and therefore necessary for photosynthesis. Sulfur is required for protein synthesis as well as the formation of chlorophyll. Iron is involved in the formation of chlorophyll as well as DNA synthesis and respiration. Zinc is involved in enzymatic activity as well as gene expression.

PhosAgri contains all three of these essential elements and more.

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 Conventional agriculture and fertilizers’ aim is short-term growth, rather than long-term sustainability. The production of conventional fertilizers is rooted in fossil fuels, and the application of these fertilizers is linked to environmental harm.

Organic fertilizers are sourced and manufactured from naturally occurring materials. When applied, PhosAgri not only provides short-term phosphorus but also helps sustain long-term soil health and crop growth.


Along with environmental sustainability, we recognize the importance of economic sustainability. Therefore, we offer growers an affordable source of organic phosphorus. 



We know that different production systems require different fertilizer forms. So, we’ve created products to suit various systems and application methods. All products have  a Total Phosphate of over 23% P₂O₅ and a guaranteed Available Phosphate of 12% P₂O₅.

Our -100 mesh micronized powder allows growers to apply PhosAgri as a direct application or for manufacturers to utilize this sizing for custom-blended fertilizers to meet various soil conditions and various crop requirements. Our soon to be available granulated and pelletized phosphate will provide all of the same nutrient benefits in easy to use spreader application.


Our -350 mesh sizing is a custom ground for solution-based application in hydroponic operations. It's fine particle size allows growers to use it in drip and fertigation systems without the worry of clogging lines.



Our rock phosphate averages a Total Phosphate of over 23% P₂O₅, with a guaranteed Available Phosphate of 12% P₂O₅, containing other valuable minor minerals including calcium averaging over 25%.


The Falcon Isle Resources organic processing and fertilizer manufacturing facilities are located in central Utah for easy distribution throughout the United States and Canada.


 As an independent producer, Falcon Isle Resources will contribute to the demand for high-quality organic phosphate fertilizer by being a stable resource in the U.S. and Canadian market place.