Falcon Isle Resources, Inc. is engaged in the development and processing of organic phosphate mineral resources for the organic fertilizer market in order to help meet the world’s rising global food demand. We accomplish these objectives through our commitment to increase sustainable agricultural productivity while maintaining and exceeding social and environmental responsibilities. Falcon Isle Resources, as an organic fertilizer manufacturer, is dedicated to the state of the organic phosphate and fertilizer industry and the multiple opportunities presented as we judiciously develop these natural resources to drive sustainable and profitable growth 


As part of our commitment to help ensure the growth and quality of healthy food and living, Falcon Isle Resources is dedicated to supplying North American farmers with a major high quality organic  phosphate resource.  This rich deposit on 840 acres will contribute essential mineral elements to the downstream production of high demand organic fertilizer products necessary to meet rising organic agricultural, poultry and dairy demand.




Falcon Isle Resources' certified laboratories have confirmed that our high-grade organic phosphate rock averages over 28% total P205 (between 11% and 15% P205 Available). With an estimated surface resource of over 7,000,000 tons, we look to provide many years of high-quality organic phosphate fertilizer.  Our processing is environmentally friendly, consisting only of fine grinding our material to a powder that is then utilized as an input material into custom organic fertilizer blends. 


Initial operations have outlined the extraction of approximately 3,880,000 tons of high grade organic phosphate rock, averaging over 28% total P205 (between 11% to 15% P205 Available) and containing other valuable minor minerals including calcium averaging over 40%. The Falcon Isle Resources  organic processing and fertilizer manufacturing facilities are located in central Utah for easy distribution throughout the United States and Canada.




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 As an independent producer, Falcon Isle Resource will contribute to the demand for high quality organic phosphate fertilizer by being a stable resource in the U.S. and Canadian market place.